Why Our Composted Products Are Better

As the saying goes in the compost industry...

Turn Food Waste Into Rich Soil

At home vermicomposting. More...

Build Your Soil‚
Feed Your Plants‚
Improve Our Planet

Soil Builders‚ Inc.‚ founded in 2003‚ produces‚ markets and distributes high quality soil amendments and blends for the home gardener‚ professional landscaper and nurseries. Based in Ridgefield‚ WA – just 20 minutes north of Portland‚ OR – Soil Builders‚ Inc. uses local waste products (NOT yard waste) to produce clean‚ high quality composts‚ mulches and soil blends.

Another Job For Mighty Microbe MulchThese products are “alive‚” teeming with beneficial microbes – bacteria‚ fungi and invertebrates – that help build your soil and feed your plants. All products are both lab tested and growth tested. Click on the “Products” bar for a description of the available landscape and nursery products. Soil Builders‚ Inc. is a member of the Hardy Plant Society of Portland‚ the Portland Rose Society‚ the Ft. Vancouver Rose Society and the Small Nursery Association of Clark County (SNACC).

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